Murtisol 14" Folding Aluminum Bike, 3 Speed Shift Foldable Handle, Lightweight Electric Commuter, Removable Large-Capacity Hidden Lithium Battery Pedal Assist Power

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You are viewing our Murtisol 14 inch Folding Bike 3 Speed Shift Foldable Handle Lightweight Electric Commuter Removable Battery Pedal Assist Power 14".The frame is all made by Aluminum and this makes it only weights 40LB. It is easy to fold and easy to store. You can easily put it in the back trunk of your car or at anywhere in your house.36V/6AH li battery supports 15.5mile (Pure Electric Mode) to 37mile (Assisted Mode) riding. The battery is full hidden in the frame of the car making it look better. The inside chip can help prevent over current, overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, and over temperature. You can choose from pure electric mode or assisted mode for relaxing, or pedal riding mode for exercising. The 250W motor could achieve 15.5mph.On the display, it will show how much battery you have left as well as the current speed. The plus and minus button are used to set the gear and there's also a horn button to further protect your safety. The LED head lamp can brighten the view for you. The furthest place that this head lamp can reach is 20 meters in front of you. The LED tail lamp is for sure one of the best option for the tail lamp. Whenever you hold the brake, the red light will alert. This tail lamp still works even when the power is not on. The high quality pneumatic tire is also being used in this E-Bike. This will help you drive this bicycle under most circumstances even in rainy weather. We offer warranty for 1 year to any motor or battery problems.

  • 14 inch Folding Bike
  • Could ride on rainy days
  • Large-capacity hidden lithium battery
  • Aluminum frame
  • 3 riding modes
  • Top Speed (Pure Electric):15.5mph
  • Top Speed (Assisted)Gear 1: 8.7mph Gear 2:11.8mph Gear 3:15.5mph
  • Range 25km 15.5miles (Pure Electric) 37.3miles (Assisted)
  • Battery:36V/6AH Lithium Battery
  • Motor:250W
  • Seat Height Adjustment:3.9inches
  • Foldable (Folding: Handlebar Only) and lightweight
  • Display and horn button
  • LED head lamp and tail lamp
  • Disc brakes
  • Pneumatic tire
  • Warranty for 1 year
  • Bicycle Dimension:51.1*11*41.3 (inch)
  • After-Fold Dimension:51.1*11*27.9 (inch)
  • Package Dimensions:52.8*8.1*27.5 (inch)
  • Net Weight: 40bs
  • Gross Weight:51bs
  • Colors: White, Black
  • Package content: A instruction sheet that tells you how to assemble e-bike, a certificate, 2 pedals, a hex wrench, an open end spanner, and a charger.
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